Why To Use Interface In Java

One special benefit of using Java interface is that it enables multiple inheritances. Interface’s maximum power is used as dependency injection techniques are used to insert required functionality over time.

Interfaces are useful as they have contracts that objects can use to work together without having to learn about each other anything else. The point of interfaces isn’t to help you remember which system to enforce, here is a contract description.

Why do you use interface in java 

Java allows multiple interface inheritance; the single inheritance is intended for implementation. Interfaces are important since what a class does is separate from how it does it. … Therefore, various relational databases can be free to apply such methods for their particular product.

Now we are going to explain why to use interface in java. Check them out below;

Class / Interface in java 

One class defines an object’s characteristics and behaviors. An interface includes behaviors that are enforced by a class. A class may include abstract methods, concrete methods. An interface merely includes abstract methods.

Advantage of interface

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1) you can enforce multiple inheritances in java via the interfaces.

2) Interfaces function to break up complex designs and to clear the inter-object dependencies.

3) The interfaces must loosely couple the program.

Why use interface in java 

 See the interface resembles a class. The strategies that interface are dynamic and their degree are open. No object of the interface can be made, however, a reference variable can be made. Techniques are just proclaimed in the interface.When the occasion variable is instated in the interface, it is of course compiler with open static last keywords.The Implement watchword is utilized through the class to execute the interface.Interfaces do exclude constructors. A complete model for Why to utilize interface in Java? At the point when an interface is utilized in a program, a standard of reflection strategy is applied.

For example

Why to use interface in Java; Interface A has a name for method) (in the software. This is followed by sub-public keywords and abstract ones. When defining a method on an interface, its body must be put on its subclass. Relationship between class and interface. The extended keyword is used in category and procedure. The keyword Implementation is used in both interface and class.

Example:Source Code :


interface A {

    void methodA();


interface B extends A {

    void methodB();


class C implements B {

            public void methodA() {

                           System.out.println(“interface A”);


            public void methodB() {

                           System.out.println(“interface B”);


    public static void main(String args[]) {

     C obj = new C();





 Indeed, So guys this is the best example of interface in java . You guys can see that i mentioned all off the above.

I hope we have included all the information about why to use interface in java. Stay tuned for more updates.

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