Top Honeymoon Destination In The Country

The honeymoon may be the best part of married life, other than a part with children. It’s something special, something you’ll never forget all through your life. Yes, it’s only normal you want it to be something out of the ordinary, something you ‘re not going to forget for the rest of your life, again. So maybe planning your honeymoon is one of the most important things you’ll do early in your married life so check out this article for some of India’s best destinations for honeymoon.

Top Honeymoon Destination In The Country:

If you’re an Indian you ‘re even more spoilt for choice as there are hundreds of what you’d call the best spot India has to give for honeymoon. So, if you are an Indian you’re covered. But if you’re doing google ‘s best honeymoon place in India, you’ll get a barrage of results that could get you nowhere, so I’ve got my own list you could look at.


India’s ultimate Party destination is also unsurprisingly India’s first honeymoon destination. If you haven’t heard of Goa’s tiny state then you’re missing out on some great fun. Whether it’s a bachelor party or a honeymoon, this place has something for everyone and is, by all means, the country’s biggest party destination and without it, there would be no list of India’s best honeymoon destinations.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands:

Neil Island is a part of the Andaman Islands and one of the country’s most amazingly beautiful places. It is mesmeric and there’s nothing short of that. If you and your other half are looking for a relaxing honeymoon by the beach then this is the place to be. Golden sandy beaches, tropical weather, and never-ending sunshine are sure to make your moods and love light up.


If Goa is the country’s ultimate party destination, the ultimate couple destinations would be the state of Kashmir or, should I say, the union territory of Kashmir. There’s not going to be a prettier region in the country. Towering snow-capped hills, greenery lush valleys, it’s a sight to look at, and having your better half with you just makes the experience much more beautiful.

So, these are some of the best honeymoon destinations around the country and besides, there are quite a few other destinations as well. We hope that the provided information about the honeymoon destination has been of help to you.

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