Top 4 Android Hacking Apps

The term hacking is considered to be one of the most popular illegal word in the world of technology. However, that’s not true. Hacking as a lot of positive use cases as well. It can be utilized to test the security of the network or even find out if anybody is stealing your WiFi. Listed below are the top 4 Android Hacking Apps.


Android Remote Administrative Tools is the abbreviation of AndroRAT. The app permits you see things such as call logs, MMS, SMS, recent calls, contacts and various other private information. It is a compelling client server app with the skills to manage an Android device remotely. Once you install the app, it runs as a service in the background at boot so you do not have to stress about it anymore. If you get it installed on a client device, it is considered to be one of the best way to gather the information from an Android device.

Network Mapper

Being one of the rarest hacking app available on the Google Play Store, Network Mapper serves as a frontend from the Nmap scanner. You will get the Nmap scanner process, once you install the app. Using this app, you can easily check out the open ports, services, hosts, protocol details and various other details about any of the network you connect to.

NetX Network Tools Pro

10 best hacking apps for Android! - Android Authority

NetX Network Tools Pro is one of the most popular network analysis tool which can be used to gather a bunch full on information. The information that could be collected using this tool includes IP address, MAC address, NetBIOS name, signal strength, the mobile network provider, subnet mast and such more. Moreover, this tools also saves the devices that were previously detected on the network in case if they come back. Basically, the app protects from everything from getting hacked but it can give you the required information needed to the network testing.


Droidsheep is a strong network sniffer for the Wi-fi networks. The moment you open the app, it will start sniffing the activity on the network. Using this tool, you can easily intercept to all the kinds of the internet activity which includes social media, web browsing and various other factors.

And here the list of best android hacking apps. To know more about tech, stay connected to us. Thank you for visiting us.

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