Reasons Behind Climate Change

Climate change has been a concern for the last few years as the Earth’s atmosphere is getting hotter day by day due to an increase in the temperature. The main reason responsible for this change is the greenhouse effect due to which the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and other gases absorb the heat and reflect it in all directions surrounding the planet which results in an increase in temperature.

This is disturbing the balance of the planet. Melting of the glaciers at a faster rate is the main challenge. In colder areas wildlife is in danger and like that there is a long list of the side effects of climate change. But why climate change happens, this is a big question and we will discuss it in detail in this article.

Reasons Behind Climate Change

Water vapor

It is considered as the most abundant greenhouse gas which is important for the Earth’s atmosphere as it makes the atmosphere warmer and also brings the clouds and precipitation.

Carbon Dioxide

It is a minor but important component of the greenhouse gases. This gas is mainly released due to the respiration process of humans, volcanic eruptions, and human activities like deforestation, change in land use, burning of fossil fuels, etc. Humans have increased the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere by these activities at an alarming stage.


This gas is produced from both natural resources and human activities like decomposition of the wasted in landfills, agriculture, mainly rice cultivation. On a molecular basis, methane is the most active component of all greenhouse gases. It is far more active than carbon dioxide and also less in abundance in the atmosphere.

Nitrous oxide

This one of the powerful gases which is produced by cultivation practices like the use of organic fertilizer, production of nitric acid, fossil fuel combustion, burning of biomass, etc.

Chlorofluorocarbons, CFCs

These are synthetic compounds that originate from industries. These days, the production and the release of these gases have increased which contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer.

There is no doubt that human activities have changed the natural greenhouse balance and this results in the big change in the climate. This is how climate change happens.  We need to be concerned and alert about this problem and start taking the initiative to control the emission of greenhouse gases in the environment. Hopefully, this will increase bit of awareness among people.

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