How to connect Airpods to laptop

These days Apple airpods are becoming famous and you can see most of the people using it. It is very convenient to use, no mess of tangled wires and easy to keep. You have freedom to keep your phone in the bag safely while riding a bike and listen to songs through airpods. It is very simple to use and all thanks to technology which brings innovative products for us. Now you must be thinking that it is an Apple product, so it can connect to Apple devices only. But this is not the case. These airpods can be connected to Windows  devices also. So let us check out how to connect airpods to laptop. You need to follow these simple steps:

  1. First of all, you need to put the airpods in their charging case. They should be at least half charged. 
  2. Now open the lid of the airpod charging case. But do not remove the airpods.
  3. Now what you have to do is press and hold the button present on the upper side of the charging case for a few seconds until the light blinks whiyte inside the charging case. 
  4. Now it’s time to open the bluetooth option on your Windows laptop. For this you need to click the Bluetooth icon which you can find in the system tray to the right of your taskbar or you can search for Bluetooth option in the taskbar search field. Then click on the bluetooth and other devices settings. 
  5. Now the option called add Bluetooth or other devices will appear on the top of the settings screen.
  6. Then a page will appear called adda device page. In this you need to select the Bluetooth option on the top.
  7. Now check the list of discoverable devices in which Airpods options will be there. Click on it.
  8. After a few seconds a connection confirmation page will appear once the Airpods and laptop are connected.
  9. Now you can remove the Airpods from the case and use them.

In case if the connection is failed then, PC’s bluetooth settings and also the airpods case and repeat the process again.

When you want to disconnect them, just put the airpods back into their case and close the lid. 

So this is how to connect Airpods to laptop. There is nothing complicated in this process. It is quite a simple process like any other connection setup.

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