How do photography?

Photography has now become a part of our daily life, it has become a necessity, thanks to well well smartphones everything is now at our fingertips. being an incredible medium to document share and preserve all the precious moments and the time that seem to go by so quickly in this article we will be sharing with you some of the simplest yet effective tips that you can consider using for achieving an awesome and memorable mobile phone photography clicks. Check out the list below to learnĀ How do photography

Clean your lens

this one is the most basic one however if you forget to do so then do not expect a great photography irrespective of how good your skills are. quickly wipe your phone camera lens before taking a shot it would make a world of difference to the picture quality clicked by the smartphone

Manually set focus

similar to DSLR phone cameras are also sophisticated piece of technology typically when you point your phone camera at something the phone will automatically blend in with the focus however if it recognises the faces that’s what it will pick to manually change focus from one subject to another you will simply have to tap on the phone scream and choose the focus point

Don’t use flash

Your phone camera has a flash when we sorry to say but it sucks. It is nothing but just a sugarcoat that you need to avoid. the flash on your camera is not really the most flattering 1 and so we would suggest you to prefer the natural light also known as the sunlight or the daylight and this will eliminate all the reasons for you to use the flash. Just tap on the flash button to turn it off and use the natural light creative leaf you have to use flash then avoid pointing a directly at the subject one compelling way to avoid this is to have a second phone flash mobile phone light or even a flashlight pointing to the subject from the right angle.

Rule of odds

another most fascinating for mobile phone photography is considering the rule of odds this means that when you have multiple subjects then try to have an odd number like 3579 nakshatra and odd number of subjects of focus elements are also perceived to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than an even number in the frame. However ensure that these rules are simply suggested photography concepts and not following them will not make you bad photographer

Hope this article has been informative to you thank you for your time

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