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Sonu Sood Gets Bombarded With Messages For Help Amid Lockdown, Shares Video On Twitter

Bollywood star Sonu Sood, who is currently helping thousands of migrant workers stranded at their homes in Mumbai, has received immense appreciation and blessings from people across the world. The Dabangg actor recently sharing his social media contact numbers for help has been bombarded with thousands of messages coming to Sonu for support. The actor posted a small video on his social media where she showed the number of messages which flashed one after the other on his phone.

Sonu Sood gets stormed with messages from stranded workers

The Simmba actor took his Twitter handle and posted a small video, showing how thousands of lockdown-trapped people’s messages reach out to the star for support. While sharing the video, Sonu updated people by saying he receives messages at a quick pace from everyone. He and his team are making every effort to support everyone. He also apologised for missing out on any conversation with men.

Lockdown 4.0: Actor Sonu Sood flies 167 migrant workers from Kerala to Odisha via chartered flight

Sonu Sood: We can't show concern for migrants by sitting in AC and ...

KOCHI: 147 female and 20 male migrant workers from Odisha who worked in a textile factory and a plywood factory in the district left for their homes on a chartered flight on Friday after what was a long wait. The women were in desperate straits and in the midst of the lockout, they had abandoned their jobs hoping to return home.

We were desperate because there was no immediate availability of the special Shramik trains and their money had used up everything. The project ‘Umeed Ki Udaan’ may be the first to fly out migrant workers in the country on a chartered flight. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood arranged the chartered flight for the women after getting to know about their plight, according to Anup Manjeshwar, Gm, Sales & Distribution, AirAsia India,.

EXCLUSIVE: Sonu Sood’s helpful act for migrant workers inspires an artist to sketch a stunning portrait of him

In the midst of the COVID 19 crisis, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood did his bit like a good Samaritan and took it upon himself to help migrant workers get to their homes following the lockdown. Starting from Maharashtra and Karnataka, Sonu sought permission from both state governments to take migrant workers and their families to their homes and arranged transportation. Not only this, post his helpful act, Sonu began to get requests from all over the world and his Twitter account doubled up as a place where anyone in need of support could go.

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