Expected Smartphone Releases In 2020

Cell Phones are the most important devices with emerging technology and continuous development. Just like food and shelter, smartphones are now considered the required thing. Smartphones are one of the most important gadgets any person carries, be it young children or adults or grown-ups. There are several companies involved in mobile production, but here is a list of some of the latest 2020 devices that will definitely make you want to purchase them. When you’re talking about buying a new phone, you’ll have to look at it.

Smartphone Releases In 2020:

iPhone 12:

The iPhone 12 Series is an extended version of the iPhone series, which is now the next big thing Apple is coming up with. It is said that this smartphone has all the new and enhanced features for better user experience. They are expecting to regain market share. The devices will have a variety of prices and will come in 4 different variations. The best part about this is that a lot of reviewers are speculating that it will come with 5G support.

Samsung S20:

Samsung S11 Series is said to be among the next models to be released in the coming year. This smartphone comes with many new and enhanced features. This phone is said to come with a flagship chipset, and optional 5 G support as well.

One Plus 8:

One Plus 8 Series is another beautiful smartphone that will be the next product to be launched on the market. The firm is working hard on the versions and improvising them to increase market share.  It will also have quite a lot of advanced features that have not yet been seen in most smartphones along with rumored 5g support.

Google Pixel 4a:

Google’s affordable handset offers access to that great Google camera, but on a phone, that’s more affordable. It looks like there’s going to be a Pixel 4a to appeal to those on a tighter budget, along with a punch-hole front camera, 3.5mm headphone socket, and a single camera on the back. Rumors suggested a May launch, but we now might see it appear on 3 June, when we’re expecting Google to reveal the Android 11 beta.

So, these are some of the expected smartphones that are supposed to be launched in 2020. There are quite a lot of other phones as well but as you can see these are the top of the food chain smartphones. We hope this has been of help to you.

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