Bill Gates success story that will always keep you motivated

Bill Gates success story that will always keep you motivated

Bill Gates one of the most influential and richest people of the world is an American programmer, investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who is also the co-founder of one of the largest organizations and the software company named Microsoft. Bill gates was born on 28th of October in the year 1955 in the small city of named Seattle of Washington. He is one of the most inspiring personality to all the beginners and others as his empire is built on his own. Yes, it was not like he was born into a rich family, he built every thing from start and now he is one of the richest men in the world.

Since his childhood he has always been a bright and studious boy who was always very much interested in to computers at the age of 13. He was later admitted in to a private school where we met Paul Allen and later at the age of 15, he and his friend built first software of their life that was sold for $20,000. He later on he developed another software which was sold for $30,000. The that is how bill gates success story began.

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After passing year, Bill Gates and Paul Allen co-founded a software company that is Microsoft. The first ever product by Microsoft was building small software products that was then delivered to many small firms. Still, they stepped in to financial crisis and could not afford any more losses. That is when they came up with MS-BASIC that helped them in earning $50,000.

Later in 1979, they were offered to build a software for the multi tech company which seemed to be difficult because they didn’t have enough financial support and scarcity of money for the resources, they needed then they suggested to other company. With in some time they were able to purchase that OS system which was then developed for the larger scale and then was a high leap in the bill gates success story.

With constant effort and lot of hard work they built they small software company into a largest multi tech software company that gave the world some of the most amazing and useful software. With all dedication and efforts, all failures and disappointments there was no looking back. There are many amazing lessons that Bill Gates have experienced that will help you stay motivated.

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