Best Solo Travel Destination That You Can Visit Now!

If you are a first-time traveler then its quite understandable that you will be fearful of traveling solo. There are quite a lot of destinations in the world that can only be enjoyed if you travel alone. But the issue with this is that it becomes quite hard to come across these destinations. So, here are a few solo traveling destinations in the world that you can visit now. We hope that the list that has been provided below will be of help to you.

Best Solo Travel Destination:


Amsterdam in Holland may have a reputation for its red-light district and drugs but it is one of the safest cities in the world, it has also made a name for itself. We said this was because it has “a much lower crime rate than many other famous European cities and violent attacks are uncommon.” Such a place ‘s popularity means that you will still be surrounded by people who are not unlike you and near to busy tourist destinations-just lookout for your pockets.


Dubrovnik in Croatia is a coastal walled town, famous for being filmed there for Game of Thrones and the rich history that is palpable throughout. The probability is that you’re going to be so busy sightseeing, people watching and taking selfies, you ‘re going to forget you ‘re by yourself anyway. Oh, and it helps TripAdvisor also rated it the third safest place in the world-with Telegraph pointing out the relatively low threat of terror in the country.


As well as being rated by US News and World Report as the best country in the world for its quality of life, business opportunities and more, Gallup’s survey of 150,000 people on how secure their home countries are has earned Switzerland a 90 out of 100 rankings. But be warned; the likes of Geneva, Zurich, and Lucerne are also considered to be expensive.


Nordic countries always dominate the list of safest spots across the globe and Norway is no exception, coming to number one on the International Risks Free Countries in the world. This country offers quite a lot of scenic places in the world and it is often said that this is the best country that one can travel alone.

So, these were some of the best solo traveling destinations that you can visit now. We hope that this list has been of help to you.

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