Best Locations for Destination Wedding in India

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When it comes to planning a wedding a lot of energy and thinking goes into it and out of all the tasks including in planning a destination wedding is to get a location or destination selected. Wedding is not just an event, it is an occasion in which the families come and share the moment together and the memories related to it lasts for the whole life. And talking about destination wedding it has become a trend and most of the persons that are ready to get tied in this knot are always looking for some special kind of wedding venue or location. So, below is a list of location in India destination wedding can be organised for a never to forget moment in one’s life.


Planning of a beach wedding then there is no other best place then Goa to think of in India destination wedding can be arranged at. Its a dream come true for a number of couples for a destination wedding in Goa. The location boasts of the best scenic view, where you can see the perfect blue shade in the sky. The place is just covered by lush greens and the beauty will always be there from the sun kissed beaches.

Andaman Island

The Andaman Island known for all of its scenic views and the clear blue sky giving a next level of experience for the couple for their this memorable moment. Always famous for having the most clear beaches and the perfect golden sand Andaman Island is known for having a very mild weather during any time of year.


It is a very pleasant and quiet town located at a very good distance from the busy and populated city Mumbai. If looking for a wedding at a quiet and happening place that has clean beaches as well then this is the location for you. The ideal time to organize wedding over here is the month of November. Easy transportation options are also available from Mumbai but one must not think of planning wedding in the monsoon season.

Hope you get some idea related of these locations in India destination wedding can be organised at and best for making the moment of wedding a memorable for all of the included ones. Having any doubt or suggestion for us then feel free to reach us by filling the contact us form.

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