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Photography is a major learning and understanding term. Loads of people make it as a hobby, others also have a great career. A DSLR and few high-tech gears are necessary to take the best possible shots. But your smartphones can also help, as certain non-camera software can help you boost your click. Below is a list of the Best free apps photography 

Camera Bacon

One of the best applications in photography is Bacon Camera. The camera software has one of the best manual modes ever used, including manual focus, exposition compensation, ISO, white balance and export support. The software is also packed with fantastic items such as a live histogram.

Google Photos

Google Photos gives photographer an additional superior app that has limitless camera storage. It uploads high quality photographs but not the highest resolution. You can use your phone and computer to use it.

Pro Hyperfocal

Hyperfocal Pro is a photography app that is unique. No, instead it helps with the equations, it is not just pressing and manipulating files. This software helps you to track different aspects such as camera setup and shooting conditions such as field depth, hyperfocal width, field of view and view angle. Also, the app has no great advertisements and in-app shopping.

Magic ViewFinder Apps

You can detect positions and places without pulling any of your gears around with you by using the magic viewfinder software. The software includes many items, including Canon, Red, Lumix, Nikon and several more. You can take advantage of the focal length featured inside the app and plan for your shots before you start the setup process. The rates vary, but none of them will cost you more than a few bucks.


The title of Snapseed is the perfect Android software to edit photography. The app has both easy and advanced tools to support RAW files and basics such as red-eye removal along with an automatic improvement feature.

Pixlr is one of the popular free photo applications, which can provide a huge variety of photo effects, overlays and filters to make very interesting and visually pleasing images. True for iOS and Android. This image app provides four separate apps, all of which load HTML5 applications in your browser. Pixlr Editor provides the best free web software, and several features, including layers and color replacements.

A toned-down version, Pixlr Express has simpler user interface and several pre-determined filters. Pixlr Pro is a premium app that gives a free trial, but is the only tool on our list capable of opening and saving a PNG or JPG PSD file for the Photoshop. Finally, Pixlr Today is a Google Chrome Browser Task Manager extension. The software is free, but you can buy products like impact bundles in an application. After completing your task, your app will save your social media pages or emails directly.

And here the list of best apps for photography ends. To know more about Photography, stay connected to us. Thank you.

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