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One of the trustworthy brands in the field of technology, Samsung is still the favourite and the most reliable brand for many in this world. Not only smartphones, they are also tech giants in the fields of other giants which we use on a daily basis. The most famous and the most commonly used series in the Samsung family is the Samsung Galaxy. The Galaxy series of Samsung was launched in 2015. Since then, the Samsung has been making a lot of profit with the help of the galaxy series.

The operating system that is used by Samsung mobiles is Android operating system. The phones which were launched in 2019 were some of the best pieces ever introduced by the techno giant. They possess the best features and unique qualities. The most fascinating part about Samsung is that they have mobile phones with different price structures.

They have phones which cost 5000rs and also phones which cost above 40,000rs. The quality and features of the phones between this price ranges differs from each other depending on their individual prices. The smartphones which were launched recently were Samsung Galaxy A51, Samsung Galaxy M60, Samsung Galaxy S11 and Samsung Galaxy M41.

 Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with Tru- Octa Core and 4 GB ram, display is 6.5 inches and the camera is 32mp front camera with LED flash. The battery life is 4000mah with fast charging USB port. The price of this mobile phone is 22,500rs. Second comes the Samsung Galaxy M60 supports Octa Core and comes with 6 GB ram. The display screen size is 6.5 inches and 48mp camera and 25mp front camera. The battery life is 5000mah with quick charging USB port. The cost of this smartphone is 22,990rs.

Third comes the Samsung Galaxy S11 which is Octa core and supports 8 GB ram. The display screen is 6.7inches with 108mp camera and 10 MP front camera and the battery life is 3730mah. The cost of this phone is 73,990rs. Fourth is the Samsung Galaxy M41 which is 2.3 GHz quad core and supports 6 GB ram. The display screen is 6.3 inches with 64mp camera and 24mp front camera. The battery life is up to 4100mah.

Samsung is one of the best techno brands in the world. It has been coming up with the best developments and it is gaining control on the world of technology. Although this brand has got many active competitors in the market but as long as android technology is concerned, Samsung is the best one in it.

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