Types Of VPS Services Offered by Reseller Club


Web hosting has been made an easy business with the help of Reseller Hosting. It is extremely flexible and also the plans are customized in such a way that you can choose any of them which suits your needs, goals and priorities. WHM/CPanel will assist you throughout your web hosting experience and also it helps in delivering an excellent performance. Effortless management is a key feature of Reseller Hosting and you should definitely try it for your website development.

Types Of VPS Services Offered

When you choose for VPS hosting, you will get the experience of a very dedicated server and it uses the KVM which stands for Kernel based Virtual Machine. This will guarantee you with best results and also you can be sure about high level performance and blazing speed.

Linux VPS

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It is one of the fastest VPS hosting service which is powered by SSD. The Solid State Drive Server is 300% faster. It consists of Enterprise Graded Hardware. When you create a website, its protection and security matters a lot. In order to ensure that your website is totally safe to use and to visit, it has the capability to protect all your data in the website and is absolutely reliable. When you navigate across your website, you may notice how fast your site is. Blazing speed is a guarantee if you choose Linux Hosting.

Plesk VPS

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With Plesk VPS Hosting, you can experience a power packed performance with the help of Linux Plesk Server. In this secured form of VPS hosting you can be sure about boosting the performance of the website with the help of Solid State Drives. The WordPress instances can be easily managed with a very simplifies UI. Also, the security of your website can be maintained with the help of Solid Server Security. 

In case if you come across some unwanted instances where you are facing some issues on the website operation, Automatic Server Repair will take care of it. You can operate multiple systems with the help of Plesk VPS hosting. Cloud backup is very essential for today’s website data management and hence all the popular cloud storages will be taken care of.

BlueHost VPS

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When you want a performance like none other, choose Bluehost VPS hosting. Here at this VPS hosting, you will enjoy various services. You will be getting full control over your server with full root access. It is really important to save time throughout the day, hence with instant provisioning service under Bluehost VPS, you can set up and instantly get going in few seconds. 

The resources will be taken care of and you need not worry about it. Since it is powered by KVM, resources will be guaranteed all the time. Also, you will be benefited with free enhanced cPanel which also helps in VPS management. All the hardware, network, OS patches and other services will be taken care of. With easy access management, multi brand and login and also powerful speed, you are good to go.

Under Bluehost VPS hosting, you have got amazing plans like STANDARD which is available at $16.99/mo for 1 year, ENHANCED which is available at $31.99/mo for 1 year, PREMIUM which is available at $47.99/mo for 1 year and ULTIMATE which is available at $63.99/mo for 1 year.

Why to choose VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is very beneficial if you want nothing but best website performance. Ultimately the speed and performance of the website are the key parameters which people consider when they visit your website. With VPS hosting, you will also get complete isolation of the physical server which you are using for your hosting. 

The server that you are using will be totally unaffected by other users ad can install all the applications that you want on your server. The other parameters like CPU, RAM, HDD and Bandwidth are properly allocated to your VPS hosting plans which you will choosing. When you choose VPS hosting, it will give you all features of a dedicated server at a very affordable price.

Customer Support

We understand that web hosting is a complex process. Hosting has been made comparatively easy with the help of Reseller VPS and all your doubts and queries are always welcomed. The customer support board comprises of some well-trained officials and technicians who will take care of your hosting problems an make the process even simpler.

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