Top Architecture Apps In 2021

We become more and more accustomed to utilities with a very fast-paced life that makes our workflow simpler and more efficient. Every day, architects spend ever more time on their computers. There is, therefore, a continuous rapid growth of mobile architecture applications to create and assist architects wherever they are. We will do good research rather than work hard using the form. Below are some of the best applications in architecture.

Architecture Apps In 2021:


The application would allow the architects to use real-world site information during a project’s early design stage. Formit is an intuitive, easy-to-use framework for mass modeling that helps designers make educated decisions when accessing the website and climate data. This helps designers to outline conceptual design ideas that can be matched to system specifications and then shared with the project team via Autodesk for continued collaboration.


BIMx is the perfect ARCHICAD design software for displaying models on smartphones and tablets. This free Android and iOS app can be used by architects to share designs, display them in 2D and 3D or in augmented reality on the iPhone where the Google Cardboard is enabled.

iRhino 3D:

Models built in Rhino 3D can be viewed by iRhino 3D architects and allows you to display native Rhino 3DM files on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, tilt, zoom and rotate using traditional commands. We can navigate through thumbnails using navigators and quickly move to various versions, then display them to clients and colleagues and save views as markup and e-mail images.

Magic Plan:

The MagicPlan will make augmented reality work to the advantage of an architect by allowing them to create precise floor plans without the use of tape, pencils, or paper measurements. Within a matter of minutes, the application will construct a plane deck. You may then stand up and point a tool to space that needs to be measured. Such sketches can be exported as PDF, JPG, or DXF and shared with collaborators. In addition, the app will also provide tips on how to use it efficiently and adapt completely to it.

These are a few architecture apps that you can use in 2021. These are Premium apps and comes with quite a lot of features and you will quite amazed how easily you can use these apps. So, for further queries do leave a comment below. We hope that the provided list has been of help to you.

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