Reasons why Alibaba is one of the most successful company

Alibaba is one of the top eCommerce’s and a drop shipping site that is one of the most successful company who have scaled up the ladder every quickly and have grown his business internationally. The Alibaba story of success is no more a secret, which was first started from Jack Ma’s apartment it is now a multi million dollar company. It was started with the group of 18 people and led by Jack Ma in the small apartment of Hangzhou in China. Here are some of the reasons why Alibaba is one of the most successful company.

Seven reasons for Alibaba's success

Business Model

One of the biggest and the most important thing to consider is the best way of planning and preparing the right business model. Alibaba mainly offer their services to the individual and small enterprises. This way it creates a unique opportunity to the small business to get more buying power and also vary the choice for their customers.

Unconventional Profit Model

Another great reason on how it is so successful is because of the profit model they have created. They don’t charge for the registration or fees instead they charge for marketing their product and for the technology they use. This is how they have got more than 0.23 billion of the sellers joined with them and have more than 0.5 billion users.


Another important reason the Alibaba story of success is that they have build the supplier and customer financial trust among each other. To start any business, it is very important to have a financial trust and also this reduces the chances of the illegal transactions. The sellers are always present all time to supervise. Also, all the transactions are recorded and you can keep a track on all your expenses.

Support Services for Customer

One more reason on why they are the fastest growing industry is because of the excellent customer support and the offering they have given to their customers for creating mutual trust and enhancing the customer experience. They also a suite of services like inspection, legal support and quality assurance for better customer engagement.

The Alibaba story of success is surely no secret that is eventually grown with the hard work and complete dedication. They provide all kinds of products the customers are looking for that you can get a very low price. Keep visiting to know more on such amazing stories.

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