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Coronavirus-Tracking App Angers Thousands in Moscow With Fines

When nurse Maria Alexeyeva contracted coronavirus at work, she sheltered herself at home and followed the guidelines set by Moscow authorities: she checked in regularly with physicians, did not leave her apartment and downloaded the city’s mobile app to keep track on quarantined patients.

The Social Monitoring software monitors users via GPS and sends them occasional alerts that demand a selfie to show that they are still at home. When it detects that they have left home or fail to send a picture, each time they face a fine of around $56 (roughly Rs. 4,200).

Coronavirus-Tracking App Angers Thousands in Moscow With Fines ...

After Mitron app, Remove China Apps removed from Google Play Store

Remove China Apps from Google Play Store, now taken down. We announced earlier today that TikTok’s so-called India competitor — Mitron app — has been withdrawn from the Google Play Store. has now discovered that Remove China Apps application from Play Store has been withdrawn by Google. The tech giant hasn’t verified why the app was down, or whether it will be usable again or not.

The creator of the app — Jaipur based OneTouchAppLabs — took to Twitter to reveal that the app has been removed from Play store. Yet even the company hasn’t verified why the device was dropped.

Mark Zuckerberg still under fire over inflammatory Trump posts

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg isn’t budging about his failure to take action on offensive posts by President Donald Trump that spread disinformation about voting by mail and, many claimed, promoted violence toward demonstrators.

However his opponents are multiplying. Several staff have left the topic publicly and representatives of civil rights who met with him on Monday night criticized Zuckerberg’s justification of choosing to leave Trump’s posts alone as “incomprehensible.”

TikTok apologizes after being accused of censoring black users

TikTok apologized Monday after reports that posts on the famous short-video app with the hashtags # BlackLivesMatter and # GeorgeFloyd were marked with zero views.

Users accused TikTok, operated by China’s ByteDance Ltd., of censoring black voices during demonstrations that erupted in the U.S. following George Floyd ‘s death by Minneapolis police.

Some TikTok users changed their profile pictures to an raised black fist symbolizing black supremacy, while encouraging others to unfold users who did not support the protest against what one prominent TikTok user called “black creators’ unjust censorship.”

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