Best solo travel destinations

If you are planning for a vacation then traveling solo can be a different experience for you. One should have this experience at least once in lifetime as it has a lot of benefits. Exploring the world alone is a unique experience which changes you a lot as a person. You are your own boss, you learn how to deal with things at an unknown place, it boosts up confidence, you discover yourself, you find motivation and many more. We have compiled a list of the best solo travel destination for your next solo trip.

  1. Vancouver, Canada:

If you love to spend some time in nature then this could be the best option for your next solo trip. Canada is one of the safest countries for solo travelers, especially for female solo travelers and Vancouver city of Canada is the beautiful one. It has so many scenic beauty, mountains and also a lot of places for fun activities. The famous places of Vancouver are Granville Market and Stanley park. If you live in Vancouver then you can plan a single day or a weekend trip from Vancouver to mountains in outside areas for a beautiful experience.  

  1. Santiago, Chile:

It is situated in South America which is a very friendly country to visit and absolutely safe for the solo travelers. Local language is Spanish there, so even if you do not know spanish, you will have a great experience in the city as people are so friendly and helpful. The commutation is easy in Santiago as you can book the Uber or take the subway to explore the city. They have fantastic local foods which you just try, so overall it’s a great place to enjoy alone as you can get company from many good people.

  1. Malaysia:

This is the best solo travel destination and a beautiful country. It is situated in southeast asia which is a safe destination for solo travelers. As many Malaysians speak fluent English, so you won’t feel any communication barrier. Malaysia has busy cities, beautiful scenic beauty, sumptuous cuisines, etc which are enough to explore a new unknown place on a solo trip.

  1. Slovenia:

This is one of the greenest and most beautiful countries in Europe. Not only beautiful fairytale castles you can enjoy in Slovenia but there are many underground cave trains for a unique experience. This is a small place to explore conveniently with excellent transport links. English speaking young generation and safety makes this place a perfect Europe solo travel destination.

So these are some best solo travel destination which you can explore without any fear and full confidence.

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