Best Photo Collage Maker Apps

Sometimes you can’t pick a picture to post on social media or put photo frames up then making a photo collage could be a better and fun way to share your happy memories. There are some tools that make dragging and dropping the job simpler and even making the process of creating an original design a real joy. Modern phone cameras can take amazing photographs of print quality and those that would have stored on your smartphone will then combine all the pictures to make them perfect. Below are the best Apps for Photo Collage.

Best Photo Collage Maker Apps:


Moldiv is one of the best free collage image creation apps that can cater to all of your photo editing needs in one place through various templates, filters, and other editing tools that make the built-in camera and beauty work better for those who love clicking on selfies. This photo collage creator has a large photo set of different formats to choose from, with about 312 choices. So, to upload a photo, this application is very easy to use, and select a template and tap the photo frame.


This framework can be great for people who want to make professional-looking collages and is useful for those who need to interact a lot with social media. Canva will be offering to Facebook banners different models from Instagram Stories. This way you do not need to change the dimensions of your picture each time. Thus, the workflow with this application is fast, easy, and delivers consistent results. Canva is also available for both devices running iOS and Andriod.


PhotoGrid is the best photo collage app that comes with handy features such as video and photo collage, photo and video editing, slideshow, and other fun features. You can merge music with edited videos and photos, as well as other fun elements such as text and emoji. You can even view ad videos to unlock new templates, themes, and backgrounds. So, you can add your name signature to watermark it once you’ve done editing. PhotoGrid will also offer varying output quality from 720p to 2048p and formats such as as.jpg and.png.

These are some of the famous photo collage maker apps that you can use. Among all these apps, Canva is said to be the very best, though its a freemium tool but its free version will help you in getting almost all your works done.

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