Amazing Instagram Photography Tips

Instagram has become a world in itself as people here can earn quite a living and that just by amassing a huge following. But for amassing a lot of followers on Instagram one needs to upload such kinds of photos that would garner them a lot of attraction. So, if you are someone whos trying out his/her heart to soul to get a lot of following on Instagram, then here are a few tips and would helo you in doing just that.

Amazing Instagram Photography Tips:

Great still-pictures need a steady hand. You have to turn yourself into a human tripod to get clean images free from motion blur. Look around to see how best to sustain yourself. Use a table, a tree, a park bench, your BFF … whatever you need to help keep your camera and your stable. Invest in a mini-tripod for putting on tables, benches or walls, or get a GorillaPod that has flexible legs that can tie your camera or phone to trees, fences, ledges, or anything else you can find. The good thing about tripods is you can use remote control timers to take selfies.

Don’t Use Instagram Camera:

While taking images with the Instagram app might seem easy, your phone’s own camera app is a lot better. The camera app from Instagram doesn’t allow you to zoom in and, for example, it automatically crops all your images into a square. It’s also worth noting that most smartphones come with an HDR feature, which allows you to take photos with different pre-set exposures, which is something else you can’t do on Instagram.

Composition Matters:

No one says you have to obey the rules, but knowing how to frame your photographs might help you increase the scene ‘s effect. Think about possible angles to the camera, background, symmetry, balance, and lighting. Looking at a scene with your naked eye, your brain picks out interesting subjects. Choose your subject, separate it from the clutter in the background, and make it the center of attention within the picture.

Use Good Filters:

The researchers also found photos with warm filters, greater exposure, and well-defined contrast were the ones that proved most popular, while pictures with saturation effects led to lower views, and those with age effects to lower comments.

So, these are some of the tips that you can utilize and we hope that you will find these helpful.

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